Penny King Equine Sports Massage Therapist I.H.T.V.TCT Member of I.G.P.P.and ESM

Trained by world renowned Mary Bromiley F.C.S.P, S.R.P.,R.P.T.(USA)


What is sports massage?

Sports massage is recommended by vets and trainers throughout the world. It is the transposition of human massage techniques adapted for horses. Working with the bodies natural healing process, massage increases circulation, relieves tension, assists recovery and enhances mobility. It is renowned for its physiological and psychological benefits.

Why might my horse need a massage?

Muscle strain can be caused by over use, fatigue or injury. A slip, a fall, a change in discipline, ill fitting tack, schooling, and travel, are only a few of the causes to muscle strain. Any horse whatever age, breed or work can benefit. It is not just for sports horses or professionals.

How can massage help my horse?

Massage can aid detect and alleviate muscle strain or tension, and enable the muscle to perform as before. Has your horse recently suffered a loss in performance or change in behaviour? Could they be trying to tell you something?

Why do I practice equine massage?

I have been around horses for the past forty years, both as an amateur and professional. In 2003, and under the training of world renowned Mary Bromily, I gained my diploma in Equine Sports Massage. Prior to this I had not realised the value that sports massage plays in the well being and performance of horses.
Horses communicate to us in many ways, when suffering muscular tension, strain or discomfort. It may affect their performance or behaviour. Consider how you may have felt when suffering sore, achy or stiff muscles after performing an activity you were not used to, training too hard or having had a slip or fall. The majority of owners know when something isn't quite right with their horses and many times this may be due to muscular discomfort. Sports massage can help detect and alleviate muscular problems.
It makes no difference if the horse is in Olympic training or a hardy native pony who has had a slip. Sports massage is recommended by vets and trainers throughout the world.

I have experience with many disciplines:

•Show jumpers
•Young blood stock
•Driving ponies
•Race horses
•Icelandic ponies
•Show ponies
•Happy hackers
•Riding school
•Post injury (tendons, ligaments, etc)

The skeleton is the bodies frame it protects the vital organs, produces blood cells and antibodies and provides its structure and support.

To make any part of the body move involves the work of muscles. Smooth muscle work our internal organs, the cardiac muscle works the heart. The skeletal muscles move our frame, the skeleton.





The skeletal muscles work in pairs to create movement making bones work as levers. If the muscles are not performing as they should they can effect the frame work and this can result in impairment elsewhere in the body. Massage works with the skeletal muscles assisting the circulatory system (blood and lymph). It increases the removal of damaged worn cells and lactic acid, a by product used by the muscle when movement is required that the muscle may not be used to or fit for. The lactic acid irritates the cellular structure of the muscle and creates discomfort i.e. (the discomfort you may feel when sprinting suddenly when not accustomed to).

A strained, tired muscle will shorten in length, this shortening effects movement. Massage helps the muscle to return to its normal state so allowing its full range of movement.